Website Design ( Freelance )


Custom Business Software

When it comes to business software, a deep understanding of your organization drives Our design. We start with an exhaustive needs analysis, looking several steps ahead to predict how Our solution can improve all aspects of your operations. My unique development process is proven to get results—and give My clients a strong foundation for growth. WebSite design and Development Mississauga, Website design and Development Ontario, Software Development Toronto


Product Design

We build Software-as-a-Service products that are expertly positioned for success. We conduct extensive market and competitive analysis to gauge what your customers need—and your competitors' blind spots—and integrate it all into the build process. In the end, your Software-as-a-Service product is well positioned for venture capital funding and a profitable launch.


Strategy Consulting

If you already have a product or application, We can help you position it. Our consulting team combines business expertise with industry-leading web application development skill—and nobody knows the market like We do. I'll help you focus your efforts, guide your positioning strategy, and ensure your product's success.


Software Architecture

No matter what phase of the development process you're in, We can give you the direction and support you need to create exceptional web applications. We apply a combination of software development skill, market understanding, and business acumen to guide your development process. Consult with us over the phone—or bring us in to lead your team in-house.


Web Application Development

If you're dealing with a challenging project—such as adding a custom component to an existing application, or integrating two very different technologies—We can help. We provide industry-leading programming skills from one of the world's top ColdFusion and jQuery experts. When it comes to end-to-end software development, there's no problem We can't solve.


E-Commerce Strategy

Our e-commerce sites are more than fancy templates with Google Analytics thrown in. We'll build you an entire e-commerce site from the ground up, using real information about how your customers buy to inform its architecture, conversion funnels and usability. Our sites are custom-built for maximum conversion rates, and We include Google AdWords and expert analytics to ensure you see results.