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We don't write a line of code until We know your business as well as the people who keep it running every day. During Our initial Analysis stage, We'll interview your key stakeholders to get a thorough sense of all the business requirements your application will need to address. The way your company works will be reflected in the solution We create.


Interface Design

Once We know exactly how the software should fit into the business process, We design an interactive prototype that allows all the project's stake-holders to engage with the system in real-time. This step is a key principle of Interface-Driven Architecture and a critical part of the process. Because We do it early in the development stage, it allows us to ensure your software is intuitive, easy to use, and really does what you need it to do—well before moving into development.


Usability Testing

Once We've designed the prototype, you and your stakeholders take it for a test drive. We assemble focus groups of target users to test the system and provide feedback until We get the function and usability just right. This methodical user testing process lets us ensure the software is both effective and easy to use.


Software Engineering

You can't build a house without a blueprint. And you can't build software without a "domain model". This is the foundation on which your software will be built, including all software components and databases.



Our method makes the actual "programming" process easier for us—and less expensive for you. Unlike a traditional development process, ours establishes all the system's requirements before a line of code is written. And because Our programmers are skilled in a wide range of languages, We have the expertise to select the technologies that will work best for your project.


BETA Testing

During the coding phase, We build the code. In the beta testing phase, We try to break it. Many software developers will leave the beta testing up to the user—so that as you use the "finished" product, you find the errors and request the fixes. We prefer not to deliver the software until it's perfect—so We test in-house. Our dedicated testers work in partnership with coding specialists to find and eliminate problems before the software is launched.



I've built an interactive prototype and run it by the users. Then We've written Our code and done Our best to break it. After this, the launch is the easy part. Our process results in flawless software that works the way you expect it to in a live environment—with no surprises.